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Welcome to Jessica Lee Photography - A Nashville Photographer

Hi! My name is Jessica, and I'm so happy you're here! It's truly an honor that I get to be a Nashville photographer and take photos of so many wonderful people. Life is too short to not pursue your passions each and every day. So here I am living out my best life behind the camera!

Getting Started In Nashville Photography

Photography has always interested me, and I bought my first real camera in middle school. I took my camera with me everywhere capturing all the fun moments and adventures I sought out. I went from a kid with a camera to a photographer when I shot my first paid session, of two dogs, in 2015. The initial couple years of my business were spent running with dogs and making way too many goofy sounds to get animals' attention. Pet photography was the perfect foot in the door to starting my business.

Though I still love to take pictures of pets, I have transitioned to mostly photographing most two-legged subjects. Today I specialize in portraits for high school seniors, families, and engaged couples. I absolutely love interacting with clients and having so much fun during shoots!

Why I'm A Photographer

Life is short and it sure flies by. I want to make a meaningful impact by providing beautiful images people will cherish for a lifetime to come. I find when I flip back through old photos it instantly brings me back to the moment. And getting to share those sweet moments with friends and family is one of the best feelings. It's my goal to help you remember those important milestones in your life that you'll never want to forget a single detail about.

Who I Am Outside of Portrait Photography

Life is GOOD! I absolutely love being an entrepreneur and running a portrait photography business, and I also get to do so many other incredible things! Traveling is one of my favorite hobbies. I've been to all 50 states and enjoyed living in both Wyoming and Hawaii for a couple summers. When I'm traveling, my camera is always with me snapping pictures of this beautiful world we get to call home.

I have two fur babies, Ryder and Cherokee. Ryder is my sweet adventure pup and Cherokee is the goofiest horse around! I love spending time with my family and friends, especially out on hikes and exploring new places. I'm old school--I love a good board game night or chatting around a bonfire. If it's anything involving friends, family, animals, photography, or being outside, I am one happy girl!

In addition to being a photographer, I am also excited to be a Realtor®. I am just beginning my career as a real estate agent and love helping people find their dream homes!

Hope to See You Soon!

I am eager to keep sharing fun details and stories with you. I am here to be a resource and help you in any way that I can. Look out for lots of helpful tips when it comes to picking a photographer, knowing the best spots in Nashville, and getting ready for your shoot. If you ever have any questions, you know where to find me!

Till next time,



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