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What To Wear For Nashville Senior Pictures

Something almost all of my seniors ask is: What should I wear to my shoot?

I got you covered! I'll give both my senior guys and gals some ideas here about what to wear for senior photos in Nashville.

Nashville senior pictures

How many outfits for senior pictures?

I recommend 3 outfits for an hour-long shoot. It's nice to have different outfits to give the shoot more variety. Additionally, I suggest changing the level of casualness in each outfit to have a little bit of each look.

When choosing your three outfits, I recommend a dressier outfit, a nice but casual outfit, and a casual outfit. Let's break down what each of these looks like for both guys and girls.


Ladies First!

Dressier Outfit

For my senior girls, I suggest your dressier option, be, well, a dress! For your more formal look, you can't go wrong with a simple but elegant, solid-colored dress.

For this dressier option, pick a dress that goes at least mid-thigh or for an even more formal look, a full-length dress.

Semi-Casual Outfit

Next, pick out a semi-casual option. This outfit should still look nice, but can be a little bit more casual. Think jeans and a blouse or sweater or a more casual dress. This outfit is something you'd wear out and feel comfortable in.

For this outfit, skip the torn up jeans. Pick nice jeans or pants. For your top, something simple and classic is usually the way to go.

Casual Outfit

The last outfit you'll want to pick is something more casual. This is the outfit where you can break out the ripped jeans if you want to! Here are some ideas for your third outfit:

  1. Jeans and your college's t-shirt.

  2. Something from your sport.

  3. If you have a hobby, bring it out here.

  4. A trendy, casual look.

  5. It is Nashville after all, you could bring on the boots and cowgirl hat!


Now For The Senior Guys

Dressier Outfit

Alright guys, your turn! First up a formal look. Pick a classic, long-sleeve button up. Pair it with pants or dark-wash or black jeans.

If you need headshots, feel free to go very dressy (like the middle picture below) and we can take professional headshots. If you want headshots, wear dress pants and a belt too. Also bring a tie.

Semi-Casual Outfit

Next up, pick a slightly more casual option. For this one, go for either jeans or simple pants. Shirts can be a pull-over, flannel, t-shirt with a jacket, a polo, or a long-sleeve button up with the sleeves rolled up.

Casual Outfit

The last outfit is your casual option. These clothes are what you're more likely to wear day-to-day. You can take this one in several directions. Here are some ideas for your third outfit:

  1. Wear your sports uniform.

  2. Jeans and your college's t-shirt or sweatshirt.

  3. A trendy, casual look.


I hope this helped you to narrow down what to wear for your senior photos in Nashville! If you want to get some more outfit ideas, check out my senior page.

And if you have any questions, please contact me!


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