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Smith Park - Great Photoshoot Location Near Nashville

Smith Park Brentwood

Marcella Vivrette Smith Park

Marcella Vivrette Smith Park is one of my favorite photo locations! I've done so many shoots here and it's a really popular place to take photos near nashville. Located in Brentwood, this park is only about 20 minutes from downtown Nashville but offers a peaceful setting with a lot of variety in backgrounds.

Smith Park

Where to take photos in Smith Park:

1. Tree-lined path: My all-time favorite spot in Smith Park is the tree-lined path in the family photo above. It's a beautiful stretch of pavement with trees and fencing running alongside it. It's absolutely magnificent in the fall!

2. Fields: There are several different fields in the park. Some with short grass, which is great for getting photos of kiddos running around. Some with longer, wild grass that is a great backdrop, especially when the sunset light creates a glow on the tall grass.

3. Barn: The park has a storage barn with beautiful red and white doors. These give off classic, southern vibes!

4. The mansion: A historic mansion sits on the property. It's primarily used as a venue, but has some unique places to take photos.

5. Trails: If you're a hiker, you may know Smith Park has hiking trails. The trails are also a wonderful place for photos that have a more woodsy look!

Smith Park in Different Seasons

It's hard to beat Smith Park in the fall! It's just incredible with all the vibrant colors and leaves falling everywhere. However, it can also get pretty busy. Surprisingly, you'll experience some overcrowding of photographers doing client shoots here in the fall, especially on that tree-lined path I mentioned above. Even with it being busy, it's still my favorite place for pictures in the fall.

Summer is also a great time for photographs here. Everything is lush and the grass in the more wild fields grows nice and tall. Late spring is also a great time for photographs here for similar reasons.

In the winter the scenery is a bit more limited. The fences, mansion, and barn become the primary back drops. If you're looking for somewhere to take photos that has a bit more interest in the winter, I would suggest Harlinsdale Farm in Franklin.

best place for fall pictures near Nashville

Smith Park is one of the best places to take photos near Nashville. With the variety of settings and beauty of the natural scenery, it's no surprise many of my clients want their photo shoot done here! While it certainly has a huge draw in autumn, this park has something to offer year round.


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