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Franklin's Harlinsdale Farm - The Perfect Photoshoot Location

the park at Harlinsdale Farm
The Main Barn and Fence-Lined Drive

Harlinsdale Farm is one of my all time favorite photography locations! The farm really has it all: fields, barns, water, fences, trees, and a stunning tree-lined drive. At 200 acres, this park has tons of space and never feels overly crowded for photoshoots.

The Park at Harlinsdale Farm Photo Spots

  1. The main barn: The biggest barn is at the end of the main road into Harlinsdale. With a worn, rustic look, this simple white and green barn makes a stunning backdrop.

  2. The road to the barn: The road leading into the park is lined with a beautiful white fence and trees. This spot is probably my favorite in the park!

  3. Big field by dog park: Harlinsdale Farm has so much wide open space and lots of fields. They have plenty of mowed fields but also have a field near the dog park where the grass usually stays a little longer for a very natural photo setting.

  4. Horse stables: Behind the main barn is an older barn with horse stalls. The old white wood and dirt path in front of the stable doors are stunning!

  5. The pond: There is a little pond on the property which reflects the beautiful sunset light.

Where To Take Photos Nearby

What's amazing about taking photos at Harlinsdale Farm, is there are so many other great photoshoot locations in Franklin that are only a few minutes away.

The Factory in Franklin is just across the street from the Park at Harlinsdale Farm. The factory has some really neat architecture and cool photo spots.

Downtown Franklin is also an amazing spot to take photos. The charm of this little downtown makes for the perfect backdrop for a photo session.

What To Do After A Shoot at Harlinsdale Farm

One of the best things about having a photoshoot at Harlinsdale is how close it is to all the fun things nearby! Since most photo sessions take place at sunset, most of the time clients are hungry after we wrap up.

The Factory at Franklin is right across the street and downtown Franklin is just a few minutes away. If you're looking for a good meal, I highly recommend Mojo Tacos at the factory! Or a great meal in downtown Franklin is Mellow Mushroom or Gray's on Main.


Even if you're not looking for a place to take photos in Franklin, you should definitely check out Harlinsdale some time! It is a great place to hang out, walk, hike, play with pups at the dog park, or just relax and read a book. If you want to have a photo session there, reach out! I would love to take your pictures at such a lovely location!


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